Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pricing and Ordering
How fast can I receive my roll-off dumpster?

We always suggest scheduling your dumpster as far in advance as possible to ensure availability and request at least 24 hour notice.

Our cut-off for next day delivery is 3:00 PM EST.

Same day service requests or changes may incur an additional fee.

How much will my roll-off dumpster cost?

Pricing of your next roll-off dumpster is determined by the type of debris, roll-off dumpster size, and delivery location.

Request a quote or call us at (301) 469-8771 to get a quote based on your specific situation

What does the price include?

Our price includes delivery and removal of the roll-off dumpster, a disposal weight allowance, and stated rental period. For specific allowances please visit our dumpsters page or give us a call at (301) 469-8771 or email us at

All waste is disposed of in a fully approved and licensed disposal facility.

Will I be billed anything extra?

You will be billed for any weight above the included weight quoted during your order confirmation. Excess tonnage will be charged at the specified tonnage rate given. We are charged by weight at the disposal facility and we pass along this charge accordingly.

There are also extra fees for the following:

  • Excess weight
  • Unable to service charge
  • Same Day Service or Changes
  • Driver Wait Time
  • Weekend Service
  • Extended Service Range
  • Additional rental days
  • 3% Credit Card Processing Fee
What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept payments made with VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express but a 3% processing fee applies. We also accept payment with checks and money orders made payable to SFMS LLC.

For any questions on billing call (301) 469-8771 or email us at

Who can rent a roll-off dumpster?


That is the beauty. Whether you need it for a multi-million dollar project or just for a weekend garage clean-up we are here to help. All we ask for is your contact information and a credit card!

Property Considerations
Will the dumpster cause damage?

Our drivers are professional and have years of experience in the business. However, despite the precautions we take when delivering and pulling your roll-off dumpster rental, there is always the possibility of property damage however minor.

Damage is can be caused by not only the heavy trucks needed to service the roll-off dumpster but due to the weight of the container and the type of surface condition. We are not responsible for any damage caused during service.

Keep in mind that when a dumpster is placed on asphalt there is a chance it will create a dent at the 4 wheels on each corner. This is most likely during hot weather.

We always recommend avoiding placement of the dumpster on the grass or lawn. Not only is there a chance for the roll-off dumpster to sink (especially with rain) but when pulled it may cause damage.

We do not supply any plywood to place under the wheels due to safety concerns when transporting this material. You are more than welcome to provide it and our driver will place the roll-off dumpster on the plywood once on site.

Do I need a dumpster permit?

These types of permit are typically only required when placing the roll-off dumpster on the right-of-way and public property including the street, easement, or sidewalk.

We are not responsible for obtaining any permits or making sure you have the necessary permits.

Please contact your local township office to determine the exact permit requirements for your situation as requirements can vary.

Can I have the roll-off dumpster delivered on the street?

Please check with your local municipality on the requirements for placing a roll-off dumpster on the street as permits are often required.

As long as our drivers have enough room to safely place the roll-off dumpster, we can place it wherever possible.

We are not responsible for obtaining or verifying possession of any permits.

How large of a space do I need for delivery of a roll-off dumpster rental?

We need about 22 feet in front of the roll-off dumpster (side where hook is located) in order for our driver to deliver and pull the container. We also need an extra foot and a half on each side of the dumpster to account for the width of the truck.

For more information or to be sure we can deliver to a specific location give us a call at (301) 469-8771 or email us at

Content Questions - Weight, Extra Costs and Prohibited Items
How high can I fill my roll-off dumpster?

For everyone's safety and to comply with DOT regulations, our drivers will need to cover a loaded dumpster with a tarp during transport. For this reason we require all loads to be below the top rail of the roll-off dumpster with the load as flat and evenly distributed as possible.

The height limitations for heavy debris is about 50% of the height of a 20 roll-off dumpster and 35% of the height of a 30 yard roll-off dumpster.

For convenience, all of our roll-off dumpsters have markings indicating the absolute maximum fill line.

What are the weight limitations of my roll-off dumpster rental?

Your included weight limitations will be quoted to you at the time you order your next roll-off dumpster.

The overall maximum weight depends on various factors such as how the weight is distributed or the conditions of the site.

For safety and per DOT regulations we need to limit the absolute maximum load to 15 tons.

How is the weight of my roll-off dumpster determined?

The weight of the roll-off dumpster is determined at the disposal facility. As the truck arrives the gross weight is recorded on the scale. The truck proceeds to empty the contents of the dumpster and on the way out drives over another scale to obtain the tare weight. The difference between these two weight (gross - tare) is the weight of the dumpster.

The scales are regulated by state bureaus of weights and measures.

What materials may incur extra charges?

Mattresses, large and bulky electronic waste items, large and bulky furniture, tires, and items containing freon may incur a per-item fee at the disposal facility. Any per-item fee(s) will be passed on to the customer.

What are prohibited materials?

Any and all hazardous waste is prohibited. Some examples are below.

  • Contaminated dirt
  • Industrial waste
  • Chemical products
  • Oil products (Oil filters, motor oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil)
  • Herbicides & Pesticides
  • Radioactive materials
  • Paint (except completely dried latex paint)
  • Flammable liquids
  • Aerosol cans
  • Propane tanks
  • Antifreeze
  • Lead contaminated materials
  • Batteries
  • Medical waste
  • Asbestos
  • Liquids
Additional requirements and restrictions may apply based upon locality. Liability for waste remains with the customer.

We welcome your call at 301-469-8771 or email at with any specific questions or concerns.

Dumpster Specific
What are the dimensions and capacities of a roll-off dumpster?

Please see our dumpsters page for sizing of our roll-off dumpsters available.

Will my dumpster have a door that swings open?

Yes! Our dumpsters will have a single hinged back door that can be swung open for easy loading. The door uses a latching mechanism to secure the contents during transport. Be sure that the door is fully closed before we service the dumpster.

To open the door you must:

  • Unhook safety chain from door to dumpster
  • Remove safety pin from holder
  • Pull out the handle and then pull up to release door
Does the dumpster have a cover or a lid?

No, our roll-off dumpsters are open top and do not have any cover or lid. However, our roll-off dumpsters have hooks to help you secure a tarp with bungee cords in order to keep out unnecessary weight from the weather as well as unwanted waste from nearby residents or tenants.

We do not supply any cover, lid, tarps or bungee cords.

What is the weight of an empty dumpster?

An empty dumpster weights approximately 4,000 lbs. for a 20 yard roll-off dumpster and 5,500 lbs for a 30 yard roll-off dumpster. The weight of the dumpster does not affect pricing or your final price. ONLY the weight of the materials placed in the dumpster affects pricing!

Once You've Ordered
What if I have scheduled service but I am not ready when the driver arrives?

If service is scheduled, whether it is delivery, removal, switch out, pull & return, or relocate, and we cannot perform the service at the time of arrival we will charge an 'unable to service' charge.

The fee will depend on time of change and location and we suggest letting us know as soon as you can to avoid a high fee.

Keep in mind you can always call us at (301) 469-8771 or text us at (301) 469-8773. You can also email us at

What if my dumpster is full and I need another dumpster?

You can request your dumpster to be replaced or order an additional dumpster by calling  us at (301) 469-8771 - There will be a repeat charge equal to the amount you paid for your previous dumpster.

Here are some terms that you may hear:

'Switch Out' = Replacing current dumpster with an empty

'Pull & Return' = Removing dumpster, emptying contents, and returning empty dumpster.

How long may I keep the roll-off dumpster?

Our standard rental period is 2 weeks. This rental period is subject to change based on demand for dumpster in your location. The rental period will be communicated to you during your order placement.

Extended rental fees apply when you keep your roll-off dumpster for longer than the included time. The daily rental fee will be disclosed to you as you place your order.

Do I need to schedule the removal of my roll-off dumpster?

Yes, you can call us at (301) 469-8771 or email us at to request the removal or service of your roll-off dumpster.

For your convenience you can schedule the removal at the time of placing your order.

We do not automatically remove the dumpster at the end of your included rental period.

What if I need my roll off dumpster for longer or need it removed sooner?

If you want to modify the dates of your roll-off dumpster rental just give us a call at (301) 469-8771 or email us at

Please have your name and service address available when making changes.